Our Services



Sign Bomb specialises in printing for film. 

We make paper props; recreating newspapers, drivers licenses, passports, book covers, police dockets, letters and envelopes or any other printable prop item that may be required.   We wrap vehicles to replicated ambulances or police cars, transform interiors with print into a Chinese airport or a bank.    We have developed techniques using a high pressure gas rig with specialised media to apply printed images to virtually any surface – replicating old painted billboards or ‘printed’ graffiti onto a brick wall or tarmac.  We can create instant road markings like pedestrian crossings and parking bays which are easily removed after shooting.   We do anything from posters and banners to movie translights.  With our flatbed cutter/creaser we can produce small run packaging and boxes like generic cigarette packs, beer cartons, cereal or deli boxes.